Oyster Dealer Batavia PIK, Jakarta’s First Oyster Bar

FooDies, are you excited? Here’s a new food destination you can’t miss. Launching as the first oyster bar in Jakarta, Oyster Dealer has become the talk of many FooDies on social media these days. Located in The Cove at Batavia PIK, North Jakarta, Oyster Dealer introduces an innovation in enjoying oysters.


The Story Behind

Oyster Dealer was born from Andika Biantara’s vision. He observed that oysters are seafood with an exclusive image and are usually only served at five-star hotels. Actually, oysters are easily found in Indonesia. Local oysters from Lampung and Bali also have superior quality which is comparable to imported ones. Chef Andika wanted oysters to be enjoyed by everyone. From that vision, along with 3000 Group lifestyle group, Oyster Dealer was launched in September 2021 and remained a hot topic among FooDies.

Signature Menu

Oyster Dealer offers oysters served with lemon juice and three types of condiments to pick from: Nam Jim, Mango Salsa, or Kilpatrick. Their signature condiment is Nam Jim, which is a sauce with sour, tangy, and spicy flavor. Lemon juice and condiments are thought to make oysters more enjoyable and less fishy to those who are not used to eating it. However, all oysters here are guaranteed to be fresh, free of fishy smell, meaty, and chewy! Naturally, oysters already have an umami flavor so it can be served as simply as possible. That’s why it is also called the treasure of the ocean!

Price-wise, Oyster Dealer is very affordable. You can order their oysters for Rp 30.000 each, or get it in ½ dozen for Rp 165.000 or 1 dozen for Rp 285.000. The price is quite reasonable considering all the oysters here are big in size. You can also share with family or friends to save more.

Location & Ambience

Oyster Dealer doesn’t just boast yummy oysters. Their ambience makes them even more worth visiting! You can shuck oysters while gazing at the seaside sunset view of PIK. Don’t forget to order their cocktail or champagne because they match really well with oysters. Coming here is surely a stress relief and mood booster!

Are you a seafood lover, or are simply looking for new and unique food destinations to relax and dine? Don’t miss Oyster Dealer at Batavia PIK and enjoy oysters with a new sensation!

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Oyster Dealer
Island Boulevard, The Golf, Cove at Batavia PIK
Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Jakarta

Operational hours:
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 21:00
Saturday – Sunday: 08:00 – 21:00

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