Pantjoran Tea House, An Oriental Teatime Experience in Chinatown Pancoran

Hii FooDies! Have you ever had a culinary tour at Pancoran, Glodok area in West Jakarta? This area is widely known due to its Chinese cultural roots, that can also be felt from the culinary options there. One of them is Pantjoran Tea House!

The Story Behind

The building that has now become Pantjoran Tea House actually started out as a pharmacy store in 1928. Now, it has been renovated into a unique tea shop.

Agus Rudy, a representative of Pantjoran Tea House, shared that this place believes in the philosophy “tea for people, tea for harmony”. Tea is known as a drink that unites people despite their race or background. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Pantjoran Tea House used to have a tradition called Patekoan, where they offered free tea to the public!

Although Patekoan is no longer held due to health concerns, this place remains a must-visit destination for FooDies because of its menu and ambience.

Signature Menu

At Pantjoran Tea House, you can enjoy more than just tea. There are oriental dishes to eat with family or friends for breakfast, snacktime, lunch, or dinner.

  • Gong Fu Cha

A complete teatime experience according to Chinese tradition. If you enjoy Chinese history and culture, Gong Fu Cha is a must-have as it is the main highlight of this place. You can choose various teas. During our visit, we tried the Xi Hu Long Jing tea (Dragon Well tea): pan-roasted green tea from China with a hint of sweet and nutty taste.

  • Variety of dimsums

Pantjoran Tea House offers a wide range of tasty authentic dimsums at a flat price. Some of their recommended ones are Hakao, Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam, Lo Ma Kai, Pangsit Goreng Udang, Bakpao Kukus Daging, and Bakpao Telor Asin.

  • Nasi Goreng Buah Bit

A unique spin on fried rice cooked with beetroot, giving it a distinctive color and flavor.

All the dimsum menus here can be ordered for Rp 32.000/portion. Their main courses range from Rp 50.000 – Rp 100.000. Their Gong Fu Cha is priced at Rp 150.000 – Rp 200.000. Don’t worry, their portions are suitable for family meals, so it’s a very good deal overall!

Location & Ambience

Once you set foot inside Pantjoran Tea House, you’ll immediately feel the oriental vibes in this place, from its wooden interior, paintings of Chinese history, and lanterns. What an aesthetic and vintage spot for making memories and taking photos!

If you enjoy Chinese food and culture, do make a stop at Pantjoran Tea House and have a bite of their oriental meals with a brand new experience! Don’t worry, all their menus are free of pork, lard, and MSG!

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Pantjoran Tea House
Jl. Pantjoran Raya No 4-6, Glodok, Jakarta
Operational hours:
Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday: 07:00 – 21:00