Japanese TV Lets You Lick It to Taste Your Food!

Japan is known for its delicious food, majestic scenery, rich culture, and unique innovations. There are many quirky and out-of-the-box inventions you can only find in Japan, from square-shaped watermelons, vending machines that sell anything (even pets!), and many more. 

This December, a Japanese professor has come up with his latest innovation: the first lickable TV, which you can lick to get a taste of the food displayed!

Yuki Hou, a student from Meiji University, licks the TTTV screen to taste food. Source:

This innovation, named Taste the TV (TTTV), was created by Homei Miyashita, a professor from Meiji University. He is already popular with other flavor-related innovations, such as a fork that can enrich the taste of food! 

With the ongoing pandemic, he wanted people to experience eating food from all over the world, even while staying at home. People don’t have to be in a specific place to experience its culinary, as now it can be done remotely through the TV.

But how exactly does it work? Turns out, TTTV was designed with 10 flavor canisters that can spray different flavors onto the TV’s outer layer. Although it’s just a prototype, Professor Miyashita is confident to develop his invention further. 

In the future, he envisions that tastes from all around the world can be downloaded, just like downloading a movie or a song. Aside from fun and experiential purposes, TTTV is also designed to help new chefs taste different flavors when creating new menus.

You might be wondering, how exactly does it taste like? One of the students from Meiji University shared her experience. She simply told the screen that she wanted to taste sweet chocolate. Then, an automated voice repeated her order, and the flavor was sprayed onto the TV screen. When she licked it, it really tasted like milk chocolate sauce!

Would you dare to lick the TTTV and taste the food you’re craving?

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