Healthy Lifestyle Tips that You’ll Actually Enjoy Doing

Hi FooDies! What are your goals and resolutions this year? We hope one of them is living a healthier lifestyle.

If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, it’s that health is one of life’s greatest wealth. However, shifting to a healthier lifestyle may be a struggle. Some of us may start this year with big dreams to be healthier, but lose motivation along the way. 

So, read on to find some healthy lifestyle tips that you’ll actually enjoy doing and won’t torture you!

Walk more

So many people start with exercises that are too extreme which exhaust them too soon. Why not start with small steps, both literally and figuratively? Start walking more!

Walking is actually one of the best exercise types out there. Anyone can do it without expensive tools, it’s not as tiring as heavier exercises, it can be done anywhere, and it puts you in a good mood. Take a few minutes at any time of day to walk and enjoy the view around you. At the same time, you’re helping your body lower its risk of heart disease and stroke, strengthen your muscles, lower your blood sugar, burn calories, and more!

Improve your sleep quality

Who doesn’t love sleep? We hope you do! Sadly, sleep has become a luxury for many of us because we get caught up in our busy routines, anxieties, and gadgets. Why not dedicate an extra 15 minutes or half an hour every night to sleep more? It can make a huge difference for your energy, productivity, mood, and immunity!

Get into bed without being distracted by your TV, phone, or work. It greatly improves your sleep quality and you’ll wake up feeling so much fresher!

Drink more

Drinking water is one of the easiest thing we can do to stay healthy. Water keeps our metabolism running well, and helps to control your appetite! While not everyone may enjoy drinking water, you can try to boost your drinking experience by creating healthy infused water with your favorite fruits. Mix some berries, lemons, cucumbers, or mint in your daily water so that it’ll have a more enjoyable taste.

Find healthy foods you love

Eating healthy might not be easy for everyone. The thought of giving up junk food or sweet drinks might sound like torture. The good news is, there are many healthy foods that you’ll actually enjoy because they taste good. You can find salads with a mix of your favorite ingredients, or healthier alternatives to desserts. You can prepare them by yourself, or look for trusted recommendations from FooDies on the FooDoo app. Slowly but surely, you can build the habit of eating better!

Try out these tips and start living a healthier life and being happy about it! Good luck!