Family Dinner Tips & Tricks for Spending Quality Time

Lunar New Year is coming very soon! One of the most important routines during Lunar New Year is gathering and eating with the whole family. Even if you don’t celebrate Lunar New Year, having family dinners is still a special and memorable activity that should be more of a habit, especially as we grow busier with our routines and less available for our family.

However, it’s common to feel awkward during family dinners due to many reasons. No worries, here are some fail-proof tips and tricks for spending quality time with your family around the dinner table!
  1. Get rid of the distractions

The dinner table should be a place where family time is a priority. Get rid of distractions such as watching TV, playing with gadgets, or other stuff that rob your precious time together. Even if your family members are still looking at their phones or not invested fully in the dinner, be a pioneer and role model so that slowly, they may follow your example.

2. Have quality conversations

While enjoying your food, talk about meaningful things that you don’t have time to share during the day. Ask your family members about their day, and whether they’re facing any problems or difficulties. Share interesting stories with one another. Keep the conversations and laughter alive!

3. Be consistent

Family dinners should be a daily routine at home instead of just something you do on special occasions such as Lunar New Year’s Eve. We understand that it may not always be possible to have dinner together every single day. At least, aim for once a week on a day where the whole family can make it. This creates a habit that will last a long time.

4. Try new foods

Whether your family is the type to cook or order, it’s always nice to spice things up on the dinner table and try new foods! Plus, it can be a huge relief for your mother or any family member who cooks, to take a break from cooking once in a while. Check out FooDoo app to browse food recommendations around you that offer delivery to your home and serve it for your whole family. Pick something you think the whole bunch will enjoy!

Is your next family dinner coming up soon? Make sure it’s not just another dinner. Make it truly special because it’s a valuable moment for your whole family to enjoy and be together!