‘Pizza Slice,’ the New Trend to Eat Pizza Slice by Slice.

Pizza is known as a typical Italian food. However, it has grown in popularity in America as the “New York Thin Cust” or New York-style pizza. This pizza is served individually or by the piece, making it a good option for those of you who don’t want to eat too much pizza. This pizza has a thinner shape and a crispy edge, and the toppings are typically Marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

So, Foodies! For those who like pizza, you can try “Thin Crust Pizza” which is popular in all circles.

  1. Pizza Place

Pizza Place can be found in several locations, including Jakarta and South Tangerang. This place has a small booth with scribbles on white paper plates with the scribbles of previous visitors. This pizza is distinguished by its thinner pizza bread and larger slice size. There is hot honey, chilli oil, and chilly pickle in the sauce, which can be adjusted to taste. There are more than 5 topping variants to choose from, including Ricotta White Pizza and Mushroom Pizza.
  1. Sliced Pizzeria

This location is divided into two sections: Pondok Indah and SCBD. Sliced Pizzeria is a good option for those who want to try “New York Thin Cust”. There are many flavor variants available here, including Margherita, Special Truffle, Fungni Silsiccia, Papperoni, and White. There’s even a Cheese Burger menu, FooDies!
  1. Max’s Pizza

In 2021, Max’s Pizza is the son of Burgreens. This shop offers vegan menus that are nutritious, interesting, and, of course, delicious. Despite the fact that the ingredients used are plant-based, Max’s Pizza delivers on taste!

This pizza shop in Kemang South Jakarta offers five different pizza menus, including Meatball, Pesto Chick’n, Rendang, Truffle Mushroom, and Margherita.

Don’t worry, FooDies! The price for one large slice of New York-style pizza is still quite affordable. So, which pizza option will you go to first? More information can be found in the FooDoo app, as there are still many recommendations for the closest Pizza Sliced to your location!