Bento Cake Has Become a Popular Cake for Birthday Celebrations!

A birthday celebration would be incomplete without the presence of a birthday cake. Usually, large birthday cakes are served at birthday celebrations, but because the pandemic has prevented people from getting together, the trend for birthday cakes is a little different.

Bento cake, also known as lunch box cake, is a buttercream-layered cake that was chosen to celebrate a special occasion in an intimate. This bento cake trend was first popularized by the people of South Korea in a smaller size. Bento cakes are not only used to celebrate birthdays, but also as a type of gift for close friends and family. The concept provided is an abstract cake shape and small size; typically, the buyer provides an example of the image to be designed on the cake.

This cake is one example of a change brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has given rise to a slew of new culinary trends. Other viral culinary trends include Dalgona Coffee, Garlic Korean Bread, Teflon Milk Pie, and many more. The “Korean Bento Cake” is still in demand today, because it has many minimalist designs that make this cake look simple.

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