Stop by The Gas Station, Don’t Forget Visit Kopi Tuku.

FooDies, who hasn’t heard of Kopi Tuku? As a strategic location, this coffee shop is located at a gas station. Kopi Tuku is unconcerned about visitor parking because they have a parking lot where visitors can stop. Those who visit Kopi Tuku are usually those who need to refuel before or after traveling. Unexpectedly, not only gas station visitors, but also visitors who simply wanted to stop by the Tuku Coffee Shop.

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Kopi Tuku, famous for its “Kopi Tetangga,” has an unique story in which the owner’s simple mission is to increase the coffee consumption of the Indonesian people. Kopi Tuku’s drink menu is divided into four sections: Kopi Tetangga, Kopi Premium, Kopi Rasa-Rasa, dan Selain Kopi. FooDies, Kopi Tuku not only sells coffee but also a variety of snacks such as Carrot Cake, Banana Bread, Choco Bread, and Kampung Donuts. Don’t be concerned about the price range. At Kopi Tuku, coffee and snacks are reasonably priced, starting from IDR 10,000 to IDR 35,000!

Don’t be concerned about the interior! Kopi Tuku is a cozy coffee shop with a simple, cool, and relaxed concept. The pure white color, combined with dark wood and greenery, creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for visitors.

 The iced coffee milk trend is now very popular, but drinking coffee is not only a trend. FooDies, who want to try Kopi Susu Tetangga from Kopi Tuku, you can find it at FooDoo!