A New Style of Enjoying Cereal at the Sunday Bowl Cereal Club

Foodies, you’re certainly already know that cereal is an identical food to a breakfast menu for some people. If you want cereal for breakfast, you can now go to the Sunday Bowl Cereal Club, a one-of-a-kind cafe that serves cereal as a main course in a bowl with milk. The Sunday Bowl Cereal Club concept is interesting because it carries the theme of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The most visible thing on the walls of this cafe being a variety of cereal box decorations depicting various imported cereal brands that you may not be familiar. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize a cereal you’ve never tried, because the Sunday Bowl staff will certainly make suggestions and explain cereals to you, Foodies!

Because there are only a few types of cereals in Indonesia, you can find both local and international cereals at very affordable price at the Sunday Bowl! You can choose cereal portion sizes ranging from Medium to Large, and the price for one serving of local or international cereal is IDR 25,000 for medium and IDR 40,000 for large. Not only that, you can also add toppings like marshmallows, gummy bears, or ice cream to the cereal. The Sunday Bowl menu includes items such as cereal shakes, cereal swirls, and cereal bites in addition to cereal. The prices on these menus are also reasonably priced, with no menu costing more than IDR 50,000!

Sunday Bowl should be on your list of cafes to visit because the prices are cheap, the cereal selection is diverse, and the ambience is cozy and instagramable. Other unique and interesting cereal menu recommendations can be found on the FooDoo App, FooDies!