This Ads Turns Up During Eid, and it Always Makes Nostalgic!

Hello, Foodies! It doesn’t feel like we’ve made it to the middle of Ramadan yet. The majority of Indonesians are awaiting Eid. As is usual, there are many advertisements with Eid nuances that appear from year to year. Talking about ads, you must have known and memorized the Eid advertisements that often appear on your TV screen. Although not all products use Eid-themed advertising strategies, there are a few products that have become Eid icons. Even most people would have guessed right away!

So, Foodies, what are the advertisements that frequently appear on TV and can make you nostalgic as Eid approaches? Here we go!

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  1. Marjan Syrup

Who doesn’t know the marjan syrup commercial? Advertisements for Marjan syrup, which is typically served with various fruits, have become an icon of Ramadan and Eid television commercials. The ads concept not only conveys family togetherness, but these ads usually contain a unique message. Foodies, you never miss seeing the marjan syrup commercials every year, right?
  1. Pocari Sweat

This isotonic drink ads is no less attractive to the audience, Foodies! Pocari sweat advertisements with the theme of dehydration are always present in the Eid version’s TV commercials. Not only for Eid, pocari sweat always carries the theme of dehydration, but in this edition a message is usually inserted to keep the body with ION before Eid.

  1. Larutan Cap Kaki 3

After pocari sweat, a drink that also appears during Ramadan is Larutan Cap Kaki 3. These ads are typically displayed without a specific message being conveyed. However, Larutan Cap Kaki 3 claims to be able to restore depleted body ION and overcome chapped, hot, and sore throats.
  1. Roma Biscuit

Even though it’s still the month of Ramadan, advertisements for roma biscuits with an Eid theme have begun to appear on your television screen. Because Roma biscuits have become a strong icon as a dish served during Eid, this legendary advertisement can still be found every year.
  1. Indomie

So, if this one is well-known as a practical food. Indomie always runs ads with Eid nuances as a quick and practical way to eat with family. Indomie’s Lebaran edition shows more family gathering activities that contain a unique message of togetherness.

The five ads with Eid nuances mentioned above always make beautiful memories for us to remember this holy month. So, which Eid ads are you unable to forget, Foodies? Check out the FooDoo App to help you find varied food menu recommendations for Eid!