What Unique Lunchbox Will There Be In Petualangan Sherina 2?


Good news for you Foodies, who were big fans of Petualangan Sherina! After 22 years, the legendary children’s movie is finally producing a sequel. Do you remember the iconic scene where Sherina brought a pack of colorful Smarties candies in a lunch box, Foodies? That got us reminiscing about our packed lunch for school back in the day! Let’s have some nostalgic moments of the lunch menus you often brought to school when you were younger.


1. Chocolate Sprinkled Bread

Chocolate sprinkled bread is one of the simplest packed lunches, Foodies. Usually, this meal is to be enjoyed during class breaks in school. Plain bread with a chocolate sprinkle spread on top is the to-go meal. What about you Foodies, did you pack this meal often back in the day? 


2. Nuggets and Rice

This is the most exciting packed lunch, especially when the nuggets are uniquely shaped. There are alphabets, dinosaurs, meatballs, and more. Even though this meal has no vegetables, it was a childhood favorite. Now Foodies, who likes to pack their lunch with nuggets?


3. Noodle Rolled Sausages

During school, this is one of the school lunches with more effort! Aside from being delicious, making it is not easy because it has to be rolled. Have you ever packed this lunch meal, Foodies?

4. Fried Noodles

Fried noodles as packed lunches are one of the alternatives for meal options to bring to school and enjoy during lunchtime. Although it looks simple, it tastes delightful. Especially when you eat it when the noodles have gone cold after a swimming session. Do you agree, Foodies?


5. Colorful Candies

The movie Petualangan Sherina is legendary, Foodies. Anything in the film is still being talked about. Whether it’s the songs, the dancing, or especially the scene where Sherina ate colorful candies in the forest that we still remember clearly. This packed meal or snack really influenced us to bring colorful candies to school too! 

Happy nostalgia! What’s your favorite packed lunch, Foodies?