Modern Creations of Putu Cakes, One of TasteAtlas’ Best Cakes in the World

Kue putu has recently become a byword for the public on social media. A website called “TasteAtlas” which often reviews traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants around the world created a food list entitled “The 50 Best Cakes in the World”. The traditional Indonesian cake, Kue Putu, has just entered the list, isn’t it cool FooDies?

TasteAtlas itself is a site that is well known to people as a guide to traditional foods and drinks around the world, such as the encyclopedia of flavors. Kue putu occupies the 45th position with a score of 4.21. Besides being included in the list of ‘Best Cakes in the World’, TasteAtlas also often puts putu cake as one of the best street food snacks on other lists on its website.

Kue putu is a type of traditional Indonesian snack in the form of a cake filled with brown sugar, then wrapped with grated coconut and coarse-grained rice flour. Putu cakes are also made by steaming in a compacted bamboo tube, then generally served in white and green. While the Putu Bugis variant from South Sulawesi, is made using black glutinous rice without sugar, so the color of the putu cake tends to be dark. The putu cake is usually sold at sunset until late at night, with a sound that FooDies must know because it is very distinctive, namely the sound of steam coming out of a whistle. The term ‘putu’ is absorbed from the Javanese language, which means ’round’ or ‘circle’, referring to the shape of the bamboo used in the process of making putu cake. However, according to other sources, the term ‘putu’ is taken from the abbreviation of the phrase “steam money seeker” which refers to the process of making putu cakes made by steaming. What do you think about FooDies?

Here are creative menus from traditional putu cakes that you can find in cafes, which are definitely very modern!
  1. Putu Cake Ice Cream

When you hear the words kue putu, FooDies will definitely think of enjoying it when it’s warm. But this time there is a very unique and modern creation of putu cake, namely putu cake ice cream! The combination of ice cream with a typical Indonesian pandan-flavored sauce. It’s really exciting how the delicacy of ice cream can be mixed with the culinary flavors of Indonesian market snacks.

2. Waffle Putu Cake

Kue putu is usually served with grated coconut, but kue putu can also be served in a modern waffle, with a fresh sweet tea flavored ice cream. With a modern feel, putu cake waffle is one of the modern creations of putu cake, FooDies! Inspired by the putu cake, which is usually made from rice flour and filled with palm sugar. Putu cake can be served in the form of waffle topping with grated coconut, palm sugar sauce, to ice cream.


3. Putu Cake Coffee

Not only food but drinks can also be made more unique with the taste of putu cake! So coffee with a very authentic Indonesian taste. Kue putu coffee is made from a combination of savory coconut flavor, sweet from brown sugar, and pandan aroma, with a sprinkling of coconut on top. It’s really Indonesian, FooDies.

4. Putu Roll Cake

If usually putu cake is enjoyed in small portions, this time you can eat putu cake or give it as a gift in the form of a roll cake! Putu cake is created into Putu Roll Cake, where you can find pandan, brown sugar, and grated coconut flavors, and has a look similar to a real putu cake, FooDies!

So, that’s it FooDies, modern putu cake menus that you can try! FooDoo is very proud that now traditional Indonesian snacks are increasingly recognized in the world, such as Rendang and Sate which were previously known as the best food according to CNN Worlds and other culinary sites. According to FooDies, what Indonesian food should the world know about?