Citayam Fashion Week Visitors’ Favorite Snacks!

SCBD is known as Sudirman Central Business District. The word “Sudirman” refers to the location and is associated with elite areas and skyscrapers. However, not long ago the name SCBD was widely discussed on social media, FooDies. The Sudirman area is now crowded with teenagers from Citayam, Bogor, and West Java. SCBD now can also be considered as an abbreviation of Sudirman, Citayam, Bojong Gede, and Depok. Not only enlivening, but the teenagers who gathered in this area also looked striking with various fashionable ‘outfits’ as if they were at a fashion show until the term ‘Citayam Fashion Week’ appeared on various social media.

They usually gather around sidewalks, tunnels, or coffee shops around BNI Dukuh Atas Station. Teenagers come from the outskirts of Jakarta, take the train, then hang out in the Dukuh Atas area to Sudirman. Their intentions while hanging out are also in the spotlight in society, for example looking for a significant other, to having a snack while hanging out with friends. Curious about what snacks make them comfortable hanging out at SCBD? Here it is, FooDies!

1. Starling

Starling, which stands for Starbak Keliling, is the go-to snack for SCBD teenagers. Coffee sellers (Starling) got lucky because of teenagers from Citayam, Bogor who “dominated” the Sudirman area. Starling sellers who sell cold and hot coffee get an increase, where in one day they can sell up to 100-150 cups. The sales have a starting price of  5 thousand rupiahs, if you calculate the income you can get around 500 thousand rupiahs in a day.

2. Round Tofu

Round tofu is a type of tofu that is round in shape. When fried, this tofu will expand 2 times its original size and then add spices to make it more savory and delicious. Round tofu is now becoming a hit everywhere, including at Citayam Fashion Week, FooDies. Many tofu sellers are grateful for the SCBD phenomenon because in a day traders can get around 700-800 thousand rupiahs!

3. Nutrisari

Buying Nutrisari is one of the answers that teenagers often give when they are interviewed and then uploaded on TikTok and it goes viral. Whether it’s orange Nutrisari or other flavors, Nutrisari is definitely one of their favorite snacks when they hang out at SCBD, FooDies. Even Nutrisari traders said that now a day they can earn at least 700 thousand rupiahs and above. Doesn’t it make you want to buy Nutrisari too? So fresh!

4. Fried food

In addition to round tofu, other fried foods must also be one of the choices for SCBD teenagers’ snacks. Fried food is indeed the must-buy street food for many people, so don’t be surprised if it is also enjoyed by SCBD visitors while they are hanging out with friends!

5. Pempek

Pempek or empek-empek is a food made from fish meat mixed with flour, as well as other ingredients. Pempek is often served with vinegar sauce which has a sour, sweet, and spicy taste. Often referred to as Palembang’s specialty, pempek is now easy to find, including in SCBD. Apart from being appetizing, pempek is also very affordable! Therefore, pempek is also one of SCBD children’s favorite snacks, FooDies!

One of the SCBD visitors named Iiz, who comes from Bogor likes to hang out at Citayam Fashion Week with very fashionable outfits. Iiz said that in a day at SCBD, he can buy snacks up to 100 thousand rupiahs, how fun! How about you, Foodies? What snacks would you get if you were at SCBD?