7 Viral Food & Drink Creations You Must Try!

In the past few years, many food and beverage trends and creations have become popular on TikTok. Such as Sriracha garlic, Indomie, ice cream, to the most original drink creation, Dalgona Coffee.

TikTok is not only a place for TikTokers to channel creative content and videos but also a lot of emerging food trends. Most of the food trends that appear on TikTok are so unique, that some even seem absurd. Here are TikTok food and drink creations that FooDoo finds super unique! Which menu have you tried before? If you haven’t tried it yet, this is a perfect time!

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1. Dalgona Coffee

The first one is the O.G, namely, dalgona coffee. One of the very first drink recipes to appear on TikTok in the #StayAtHome era. Apart from TikTok residents, the singer Raisa is even also excited about the recipe and remade it. No wonder so many viewers want to remake the dalgona coffee too!

You only need to mix Nescafe powder, sugar, and water with a dose of 2 tablespoons. After that, just shake until foamy. Put dalgona cream on a glass filled with ice cubes and fresh milk. The iced dalgona coffee that FooDoo has definitely tried to make is done and it’s delicious!


2. Garlic Pickles

TikToker @lalaleluu introduced the garlic pickle food hack mixed with sriracha sauce, which has since become a trend on TikTok. Garlic, usually used as a cooking spice because of its ability to produce a delicious taste and aroma, has become a pickle trend for eating garlic directly. A foreign TikToker with the @lalaleluu account mixes garlic pickles with the addition of sriracha (hot sauce), chili powder, and thyme.

According to Lala, the taste of the garlic pickle is very good. She often eats it as a snack. Since then, the pickle onion trend has spread throughout TikTok users, and countless other TikTokers have tried this hack. Are you interested, Foodies?


3. Cheetos Indomie

Indomie itself is already really good, now this time Indomie with Cheetos cheese sauce has gone viral on TikTok. As one of the popular instant noodles in Indonesia, there are many Indomie creations that are viral on social media. Not long ago, Indomie with a mixture of cheese sauce from Cheetos snacks became a trend among foodies, especially on TikTok.

Indomie Cheetos is also very easy to make, FooDoo has tried remaking it too. In addition to fried Indomie and Cheetos snacks, other ingredients used are slice cheese and full cream milk, and the result makes Indomie have a very strong cheese taste but also creamy texture.

4. Geprek Ice Cream

When FooDies hears the words ‘geprek’, you must have immediately thought of fried chicken. But geprek ice cream went viral a few months ago, FooDies. This viral geprek ice cream uses an ice cream cone from McDonald’s. This ice cream trend started when a TikToker created content with McDonald’s ice cream which was then crushed and placed in a plastic container.

Looks delicious and fun, and many TikTok users are curious about the sensation of eating the crushed ice cream cone. But not only using ice cream from McDonald’s, but also from KFC, A&W, to Godiva which is considered by many to be ‘sultan ice cream’.


5. Tofu Nori

This tofu nori menu is suitable as a side dish for lunch or dinner. Lots of TikTokers have eaten this tofu nori and have been addicted to it! The way to make it starts by preparing the main ingredient, Japanese tofu, and wrapping it in nori before cutting it into several pieces.

When finished cutting, coat the tofu pieces into the cornstarch evenly. Fry the tofu in hot oil until it is brown in color. This tofu nori creation can also be enjoyed with other sauces you like, such as sweet and sour sauce, kung pao sauce, butter sauce, and others. Interested to recook too, FooDies?


6. DIY Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato is one of the popular coffee variants in coffee shops, especially Starbucks. If you order at a coffee shop, this menu is offered for around Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 60,000 per glass. But, recently there was a viral creation on TikTok that mentioned an affordable version of the caramel macchiato. Of course, using ingredients that are easy to find in minimarkets.


The material used to make this economical caramel macchiato is a mixture of one can of ice black from the Nescafe brand in a glass with ice cubes. After that, add half a portion of caramel-flavored milk. Many have tried this creation and love it, and it’s definitely not far from the caramel macchiato in cafes!

7. Ice Soda Yakult

In addition to the creation of coffee drinks, some time ago this fresh drink creation went viral on TikTok which is Yakult iced soda! How to make it is very simple and the ingredients are also very easy to find. Popularized by TikToker Mia Oktavia who shares how to make the Yakult iced soda creation. She put the jelly in a glass, then added Sprite soda, and finally a bottle of Yakult, then stirred.

This Yakult ice soda creation has been followed by many other content creators. According to them it tastes good and is very practical to make, FooDoo is curious as to how fresh it tastes!