Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 22 March 2022

The Terms & Conditions set below are conditioned for using the services offered by FooDoo regarding the use of www.foodoo.id website and FooDoo application on iOS/Android. Users are highly encouraged to read thoroughly as it may affect users’ rights and obligations under the law.

By signing up and/or using FooDoo website or application, user is considered to have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions are a form of authorized agreement between the user and FooDoo. If user disagrees to one, several, or the whole Terms & Conditions, users are prohibited from using FooDoo services.


  1. FooDoo is a start-up that conducts web portal service business activity on www.foodoo.id, a social media website to review foods from brands/businesses/restaurants onboard by onboard users. Will be addressed as FooDoo.
  2. FooDoo’s website is www.foodoo.id
  3. Terms & Conditions are an agreement between User and FooDoo consisting of a set of regulations that regulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of user and FooDoo, and the terms of use of FooDoo services system.
  4. User is one that uses FooDoo services, not limited to user, verified user, brand/restaurant or other parties that visit FooDoo website or application.
  5. User is a registered User that can post reviews on FooDoo application.
  6. Verified User is a registered user that has been verified with documents submitted to FooDoo, in which the documents’ authenticity can be verified under legal institutions. By being a Verified User, User can gain commissions and Endorsement feature as well as Reseller Voucher.
  7. Brand/Restaurant is a registered user on FooDoo that promotes the Brand/Restaurant’s F&B business. Brand/Restaurant can sell digital products such as Vouchers that can be used in Brand/Restaurant’s outlets according to the Voucher’s Terms & Conditions.
  8. Feed/Review is the content produced by User/Verified User containing media (photo/video) and text about the review and rating on a Brand/Restaurant’s food or drink.
  9. Post is the content produced by Brand/Restaurant for the purpose of marketing, and contains media (photo/video) and informational text about the content.

Commission is the percentage of selling service value on FooDoo or FooDoo service fee.

Account, Password and Security

  1. User hereby states that user is capable of adhering to a legal agreement under the law.
  2. FooDoo does not charge registration fee to User.
  3. User understands that 1 (one) phone number can only be used to register for 1 (one) FooDoo user account, unless for users that previously had several accounts with 1 (one) phone number.
  4. FooDoo reserves the authority to conduct necessary actions without prior notice to every alleged violation or violation towards these Terms & Conditions and/or the existing law, which are account suspension and/or user account removal.
  5. User is prohibited from creating and/or using any device, software, feature, and/or other means to manipulate FooDoo system, including but not limited to:
    • Data manipulation of Brand/Restaurant
    • Content manipulation of Feed/Review/Post
    • Crawling/scraping activities
    • Other activities that are considered as system manipulation.
  6. Balance is the value used as payment method which can be used to buy any service or digital product such as Endorsements/Digital Vouchers. Balance can be added through integrated payment gateways.
  7. Selling Balance only comes from Digital Voucher sales by Brand/Restaurant.
  8. Income Balance only comes from selling of endorsement service or commissions from selling digital vouchers that can only be done by Verified User.
  9. FooDoo reserves the authority to freeze Refund Balance and Income Balance if user is found / alleged to conduct fraud in making transactions and/or violations towards Terms & Conditions on FooDoo.
  10. User is personally responsible to keep account and password privacy for all of User’s account activities.
  11. User hereby states that FooDoo is not responsible for any losses or problems that occur as a result of User’s account misuse caused by User’s negligence, included but not limited to lending or giving account access to other parties, accessing links sent by other parties, sending or showing verification code (OTP), password or email to other parties, and other negligence that cause loss or problems to User’s account.

Account Deletion

Account deletion is only available for FooDoo personal user account and not applicable for FooDoo verified business account. Before deleting your FooDoo account, make sure that you have:

  1. No any on progress endorsement tasks.
  2. No any on progress deal reseller tasks.
  3. No any on progress redemption for pre-order merchandise.
  4. No any withdrawal request for FooDies coin.
  5. No any remaining balance for FooDoo and FooDies coin.

Your account will be entered 14 days retention period before deletion process started. During this period, your account won’t be available to people using FooDoo. Any of your personal post, review and message won’t be available except for paid endorsement review. Your account name will be locked during this period. Remaining balance of FooDoo & FooDies coin will be gone after the end of retention period. You can abort deletion request by simply login and confirm the pop-up message during this retention period.

Once deletion process started, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, you won’t be able to retrieve your information and your deleted account name will be release for newly registration. Your paid endorsement review will still available as anonymous and subject to FooDoo Terms of Use and Data Policy.

FooDoo implement daily backup in the event of a disaster, software error or other data loss, therefore copies of your information may still remain in backup up to 90 days and for things such as legal issues, terms violations or harm prevention efforts.


  1. In using every feature and/or service on FooDoo, user is prohibited from uploading or using language/ comments, images, or any content that contains racism, discrimination, offensive content, vulgar, threatening, advertising, or promoting sites other than FooDoo, or other contents that do not comply to existing moral and social norms or FooDoo’s existing policies.
  2. FooDoo reserves the right to take necessary action towards violation of these regulations, including content removal, brand/restaurant moderation, account restriction, etc.
  3. User is prohibited from using pictures/photos that have watermark which signifies ownership to another party.
  4. User hereby understands and agrees that misuse of photos/pictures that User uploads are User’s personal responsibility.
  5. User is prohibited from uploading a lot of content in a short period of time with the purpose of flooding / spam.
  6. When User uploads content to FooDoo website or app, User gives FooDoo the non-exclusive, all over the world, continuous, non-cancellable, royalty-free, sub-licensed (through some levels) right to conduct every copyright, trademark, data right, and intellectual right that User has in the content, in any present or future media. Next, to be authorized by existing laws, User rules out moral rights and agree not to sue those rights against FooDoo.
  7. User guarantees not to violate any intellectual right in uploading content to FooDoo app or website. Every User is personally responsible for the violation of intellectual right in uploading content to FooDoo app or website.
  8. FooDoo reserves the right from time to time to take down content or material from Feed that is deemed to violate website’s Terms & Conditions, existing laws, and advertising ethics.
  9. FooDoo can also report content from other Users that violate Terms & Conditions on this page. The collected report will be reviewed by FooDoo internal team and actions will be taken such as content removal or account restriction.


  1. FooDoo does not apply commissions to transactions done through FooDoo website or application unless User uses certain features and services with service fee.
  2. The services to which commissions are applied to FooDoo are as follows:
    • Digital Voucher sales service from Brand/Restaurant
    • Endorsement service from Brand/Restaurant to Verified User
  3. Should commission system in transactions through FooDoo website or application be applied in the future, then Users that are affected will be notified on FooDoo website or application.

Digital Voucher Transaction

  1. Digital Voucher transaction is digital products that are uploaded by Brand/Restaurant to promote products from Brand/Restaurant, in which the digital vouchers can be purchased by User or Verified User.
  2. Every Digital Voucher purchase will be subjected to service fee (commissions) according to FooDoo’s agreement with Brand/Restaurant.
  3. The Balance from sales by Brand/Restaurant is Balance from which service fee has been deducted.
  4. Verified User can promote Digital Vouchers by Brand/Restaurant and can obtain commissions from every purchase according to the agreement of FooDoo with Verified User.
  5. The Balance from sales obtained by Verified User that becomes a Voucher Reseller is the service fee balance that FooDoo subjects to Brand/Restaurant subtracted by commission fee according to the agreement of FooDoo with Verified User.
  6. The Terms & Conditions for the use of Digital Vouchers sold by Brand/Restaurant is the sole responsibility of the Brand/Restaurant. FooDoo is only a digital voucher selling platform.
  7. The service fee (commissions) value of FooDoo and Brand/Restaurant in digital voucher transactions can change from time to time and FooDoo will notify Brand/Restaurant accordingly.

Endorsement Transaction

  1. Endorsement transaction is marketing service transaction offered by Brand/Restaurant to Verified User with a set price and review content amount that have been mutually agreed to. Endorsement transaction can also be done from Verified User to Brand/Restaurant.
  2. After Endorsement transaction has been agreed to by both parties, FooDoo will deduct Brand/Restaurant’s balance according to the agreed price as a deposit. FooDoo acts as a third party to monitor and guarantee the Endorsement service process. If Brand/Restaurant’s balance is not enough for the Endorsement, Brand/Restaurant must add the balance before completing the transaction.
  3. After FooDoo obtains deposit from Brand/Restaurant, Verified User must upload content according to the Endorsement transaction agreement.
  4. If Verified User has uploaded the requested content, Brand/Restaurant will get a notification to approve or request revisions from the uploaded content.
  5. Deposit will be converted into income balance for Verified User after Endorsement transaction is approved by Brand/Restaurant. Income balance is given as deposit balance to which service fee (commissions) has been deducted according to the agreement between FooDoo and Verified User.
  6. In the case of agreement violation, FooDoo will return deposit to Brand/Restaurant and reserves the right to: demote account from Verified to non-Verified, and block Endorsement service from that account.
  7. The service fee (commissions) value between FooDoo and Verified User in endorsement transactions can vary from time to time, and FooDoo will notify Verified User accordingly.

Fund Withdrawal

  1. Every FooDoo user can request fund withdrawal from their balance to any registered bank account in Indonesia.
  2. Fund withdrawal can take up to 3 x 24 hours (business days) from withdrawal request date.
  3. For fund withdrawal to accounts outside of BCA (Bank Central Asia), additional fees will be subjected to User.
  4. Should there be alleged violation to Terms & Conditions of FooDoo, fraud, manipulation, or crime, User understands and agrees that FooDoo has the right to conduct checking, freezing, delaying, and/or cancellation of fund withdrawal requested by User.
  5. Checking, freezing, or delaying on fund withdrawal as stated in Point #4 can take time as required by FooDoo.

Third Party Sign In Services

  1. FooDoo integrate with third party sign in services using OAuth with provider from Google & Facebook. FooDoo will retrieve your basic information that are available from the provider such as your name and email address.
  2. User can unlink their FooDoo account with third party services by visit through “My Profile” and click on unlink on selected provider. You can opt for deactivate your account if your account only left with 1 sign in provider that tied to your FooDoo account.